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The Limited Liability Company does not have the many burdens a corporation such as holding a board of directors meeting, shareholders meeting, taking minutes, etc. The LLC also has the greatest tax flexibility of the four entities. Income can be taxed as a pass-through entity like the sole proprietor or partnership or as a corporation.

Learn how to form an Arizona LLC with our step-by-step guide. To compare the pros and cons of each of the entities, see our comparison chart of business entities. Forming a corporation or LLC doesn't require an attorney but can be made easier and done right with the help of a formation service. This is commonly requested when opening a checking account or to sign up with a vendor.

Filing time will take weeks. Learn how to register a Trade Name in Arizona. A trademark can legally stop others from using names, slogans, or logos that are associated with another brand, product or service. The U. Before settling on a name, check the USPTO database to see if the name you want to use isn't registered to another business.

Registering your business name will not necessarily stop anyone else from using the name you choose. To protect your business name, consider registering for a trademark. This number identifies a business operating in the U.

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S, tracks tax returns and is used to open a bank account. Much like what a social security number is to a person, the EIN is a social security number for a business. While most businesses will need to get an EIN, some do not. Filing the EIN online takes only a few minutes and the number is available immediately. For more information about how to apply and to see our video with a step-by-step guide, check out how to file for an EIN. Some of the most common licenses a business may need in Arizona could include;. Obtaining financing for a small business can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

Similar to getting a home loan, the bank is going to want lots of documentation on your personal finances in addition to a solid idea and the business plan. That can include cash but also any buildings, tools, vehicles, inventory and equipment that will be used in the business.


It is likely that the bank will want a lien on those items. Credit score is going to play a large part in getting a loan approved. There are a number of options to finance a business. After reviewing the business plan and personal financial information, they will respond with a yes, no or maybe.

Applying for an Unemployment Insurance Tax Account Number | Arizona Department of Economic Security

Yes is great but we recommend talking with at least three banks to get the best rates and terms for your business. Another thing to note is that SBA guaranteed loans will cost the owner more in closing costs, fees and interest. In this case, peer-to-peer lending provides an interesting way to borrow money without going to a bank. Two popular options are Prosper and LendingClub. There are some small business grants. Most are for established businesses doing research and but occasionally there are private grants for business startups.

Here is more information about finding money to start a business.

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Before stepping into a bank for financing, it is a good idea to know your credit score. If there is anything incorrect on your report, take care of those issues before going to the bank. Higher scores not only have a greater approval rate, they also get lower interest rates, saving money over the course of the loan. You can request a free credit report once a year from AnnualCreditReport.

This information can be used to fix incorrect information. Hiring employees is a complex and often intimidating process for a new business owner as there are multiple agencies to register with and labor laws to understand.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement. However, many cities in AZ do tax on those business activities. Sales tax must be collected and remitted by the vendor if nexus is established. The following activities qualify as exceeding the minimum threshold for nexus in AZ:. Register through AZTaxes online portal.

Payments for paper applications must be sent as checks payable to the Arizona Department of Revenue. See page 4 of the paper application for specific instructions on payment. It will take weeks to receive the permit no matter if the application is done online or through mail.

Starting a Business in Arizona

The permit is automatically renewed annually every January , but at no cost to you! You will receive your new license in the mail after it has been auto-renewed!

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For more information visit: Arizona Tax Rules and Regulations. Did you find this content useful? Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter to get more great sales tax news and eCommerce advice! May 24, Share This Article. Do I have to pay sales tax in Arizona?

Do I need a sales tax permit in Arizona? How can I make this as painless as possible? How do I register for the permit? How much does the permit cost? When will I receive the permit?