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Win-win for everyone except those living in the most expensive homes and who coincidentally have the greatest ability to pay their fair share. Sales are private and hush-hush, and so the taxes paid by the commercial sector are witheringly small compared to the residential sector.

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Revenue-generating entities should be properly staffed to maximize revenues. Construction permits should cost enough to, at the very least, self-fund the department, if not cough up a salary for city plan commissioners. After all, when a position is salary-free, you get what you pay for.

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The reason we complain about property taxes is because Texas effectively has only two tax buckets. Sales tax is something we barely pay attention to. Like potholes, sales tax is just there. If Texas were to split payments in two, the drama would be lessened, like semiannual car insurance payments.

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Yes, an annual wallop is hard to take, but consider that Texas has no state income tax. Remember the New Jersey example above, showing how higher-valued properties pay more?

How to win a Texas property tax protest

Well, add in a further 8. Or how about the other two states that also had higher property tax rates? Illinois residents would pay a 3.

In fact, as an overall tax burden, Texans pay less than 21 other states according to WalletHub. Dallas would need to increase taxes in order to maintain city infrastructure and avoid bonds that largely finance maintenance. To do that, they could begin by taxing the property of those who pay too little based on solid data.

In many ways, this starts with supporting real estate disclosure of selling prices. And that blew up in our faces long after the architects and politicians were gone. Browse all newsletters here.

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Where property taxes go. Collin Central Appraisal District - www. By state law, the property must be re-appraised at least once every three years. If the value on an individual property increases a substantial amount from year to year, the property could be re-appraised more often than the three years. Value Protests The appraisal districts hear all protests on property values.

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By law there is only a certain time span in which protests may be filed. It is usually in the month of May. If you plan to protest the property value, please contact the appropriate appraisal district to confirm the time frame. Obtain these through the appropriate appraisal district.

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The appraisal districts approve all exemptions according to Texas Property Tax Code. Exemption forms must be requested through the appraisal district.

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Some exemptions must be filed each year while others are one time only. Please contact the appropriate appraisal district if you have a question on exemptions. Listed below are the exemptions and the amount offered by the City of Carrollton.

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The exemptions must be filed with the appropriate Appraisal District. If the exemptions listed below are filed by May 1, the exemption will show on the original tax statement. If not, a supplemental bill will be mailed showing the adjustment, when it is received from the appraisal district. The twenty percent is taken off the appraised value excluding capped value, if any.

This exemption amount is subtracted after the homestead exemption. This exemption can only be used on the homestead property. The person applying for this exemption must be disabled with social security. If you need the percentage amount, call the applicable Appraisal District.

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The taxpayer can attach this exemption to any property they own. If there is an ownership or mailing address change, please write your applicable appraisal district. Miscellaneous Revenues Collected. Payments for item listed below can be paid with cash, check, money order or credit card. Billed mowing and clean-up charges not collected are filed as a labor lien on the property.

When the charge is paid, a release of lien request is prepared and given to the person making the payment for them to file with county. This payment is due by the last day of the month following the end of each quarter. Solid Waste Franchise Fees: For information, please call This charge is for road use by waste collection trucks in the City of Carrollton. Also, a quarterly payment of 7.