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When you file a divorce petition, you also need to serve the case, or papers, to your spouse. In the case of a divorce, the papers can be served either in person or by mail. In the case of an online, "do-it-yourself" divorce, the person who first filed the petition with the court usually submits the petition and a summons to the local sheriff's department for the papers to be served by law enforcement personnel or arranges for a private process server to deliver the petition - a signature from the other party indicating they either agree to the terms or wish to contest it.

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Some states, like California, provide resources online for filing for divorce, including forms for responding to a divorce filing. State websites sometimes even include resources for filing online for an annulment, requesting support, or to change or end an order for spousal or child support. If there are significant assets to divide, or child custody, child support or alimony to decide, both parties usually benefit by hiring their own attorney. Using a lawyer, of course, increases the cost for either party.

With a lawyer, your divorce could cost you a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how much time of the lawyer's you are billed. And a half-hour could cost you a billable hour. Lawyers charge for phone calls, emails, text messages, court preparation, depositions questioning others on the record , discovery getting information from your spouse's lawyer related to your case , paper preparation and review, and research.

In a contested divorce, the issues may ultimately have to be hashed out in front of a judge. A retainer should cover most of the court fees, filing fees, and the lawyers' time to meet in person, correspond with you by email or phone or text, and to appear at court hearings or other proceedings in person. A contested divorce with children requiring lawyers to help work out custody details will cost more because of the lawyer's time involved than an uncontested one.

Generally, the more time a child spends with one parent, the less in child support that parent has to pay. But in a contested divorce where no agreement can be reached on child custody or a schedule, the court can require a child custody evaluation be done by a trained psychologist who interviews each parent. The psychologist also talks to the kids, and observes the kids at home with each parent. You can cut costs by using a lawyer for only part of your case: also called 'limited scope representation. A hearing or trial will also naturally increase your costs. Trials sometimes incur costs to you for several expert witnesses, and the cost of going to trail alone often results in divorce cases being settled out of court.

For that reason, family law judges in most states assigned to contested divorce cases require couples to do everything they can to reach a settlement agreement and avoid a trial, because a trial costs not only the couple divorcing but also the city and state where the divorce is proceeding. If children are involved, yours together or even separately, costs increase with agreements having to be reached or adjudicated regarding child support, custody, and visitation.

Without such issues, a divorce between two people in agreement can save both parties expense.

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That is why an uncontested divorce is the least expensive. If you and your spouse agree on the major issues of the divorce, you can write your own agreement. Your only cost then would be filing fees, serving papers, and the cost of divorce papers themselves if you get them online. Skip to main content.

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Laws current as of. What are the residency requirements to file for divorce in California? What are the grounds for divorce or legal separation in California? Can I get spousal support? What factors will a judge consider? What are the basic steps for filing for divorce?

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Where can I find additional information about divorce? Yes No. You can file for divorce or for legal separation in California based on either of the following grounds reasons : Irreconcilable differences, which have caused the permanent breakdown of the marriage; or Permanent legal incapacity to make decisions. While divorce laws vary by state, here are the basic steps: First, you must meet the residency requirements of the state in which you wish to file.

Third, you must file divorce papers and have copies sent to your spouse. Fourth, if your spouse disagrees with anything in the divorce papers, he will then have the opportunity to file papers telling his side. You should speak to a lawyer in your state about how long you have to wait to see if your spouse answers the divorce papers before you can continue with the divorce.

Fifth, if there is property that you need divided, or if you need financial support from your spouse, you will have to work that out in an out-of-court settlement, or in a series of court hearings.

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Custody may also be decided as part of your divorce. Judgment is processed by Court and marital termination date is set. The marital termination date is usually a date in the future. The date has to be at least 6 months and 1 day after the date the other party was served.

For example, if the other party was served the divorce paperwork on March 2nd, the earliest termination date of the marriage would be September 3rd. Once the termination date passes, no further paperwork will be received. The parties are then free to remarry. How We Can Help. Check Pricing. True Default Uncontested Default Contested. True Default. The other party has not filed a response and the parties have not signed a formal agreement. All issues of the marriage must be addressed.

This process works well when the parties have been married for a very short period 2 years or less and have no children, community assets or debts. Uncontested Default. The Settlement Agreement is submitted to the court for ratification and approval. Most uncontested divorce proceedings are resolved by way of a Settlement Agreement, even in situations where the parties have no children, little property and few debts.

The parties are unable to reach an agreement and a Response has been filed by the other party.

There are various ways to get a divorce, but not all of them need to be difficult.

Often these proceedings take many months or even years to complete. Cheap Divorce Options. Some people choose to prepare the paperwork without any professional help. This can be a little more complicated and difficult, but is not impossible for couples who have been married a very short time and have no property, debt or children. Hiring a California Divorce Lawyer. Some couples may simply not be able to get through the divorce process on their own, and one or both parties may consider or actually hire a divorce lawyer.