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My Lenovo B All in One was not powering up. So, I deduced that my Power Supply has failed. I got the same repaired times, but every time, it stops working after days.. So, now I purchased a new supply, but my computer is not powering up. So what could be the problem now? Has my motherboard failed? How do I check it? This section is not written yet. Want to join in?

Click EDIT to write this answer. I have an HP G72 laptop that recently went out right after it did it's nightly updates. After Windows started to reload it was taking forever so I finally decided to just shut it down, but it wouldn't turn off. Tried to hold the power button, still nothing. Finally I took out the battery but it was still plugged into the charger and still could hear the fan running and power lights were still working at that point, but as soon as I unplugged the power cord, "battery reinstalled and fully charged" that was it!

I have tried a hard reset, different battery, power cord, but still nothing? I'm pretty tech handy, so I took it completely apart, cleaned anything that looked dusty, checked the power port cable, fan, anything that I could possible do but still no nothing? Do you think it truly is the motherboard, if not what else could cause a total power failure? Thanks for any help completely lost and desperate. Also I did forget to add, that before it did it's nightly updates, the fan had come on and was running to me a little loud.

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I had been working on it for about 3 hours and didn't realize the surface wasn't providing proper air flow. When the fan kicked on I put it on the usual tray that allows proper air flow and the fan stopped about 10 minutes later prior to updating? Plus it doesn't show any signs in or out of it ever overheating.

See more questions like this: HP laptop shut down and not switches on. How to know where lies the problem? My computer starts, then after sec it turns OFF? I recently got new graphics cards for birthday, decided to clean computer of dust before inserting it, when I finished and inserted new card, I only get blank screen, put old card pack in and still get blank screen. Not sure if its because I cleaned and damage something or if driver issues are occurring. Have tried using both HDMI and VGA cables, with no success, computer does not switch off, so don't think its CPU although I did clean and replace thermal paste and had to bend back some CPU pins because I accidentally bent some, believe CPU is not issue as computer does not shut off, but not entirely sure , motherboard beeps when I remove graphics card power cords, so don't think its motherboard, but motherboard does not beep when I remove both 4gb RAM sticks, have tried moving RAM to all different slots with no change, have re-checked all cable connections.

Currently my computer has:. Asrock z68 pr3 gen3 motherboard. Intel i5 I would really like to avoid taking to repair shop, I believe error is likely simple, as from googling on internet, if my motherboard was faulty I would likely not have power to all the fans, GPU, HDD and and it would not beep.

Also if CPU was faulty as I bent the pins and may not have properly bent them back then it seems that my computer would not be able to remain on and would continue to cycle through a reboot process.. Can you help?. I have tried: Explained in original post, also tried multiple monitor, different cables, resetting the BIOS took out MB battery and also moved pin from pin to pin ,.

I think it was caused by: Me cleaning the computer, or maybe just from inserting a different graphics card without removing older drivers. See more questions like this: My HP 15 suddenly went off while on use, and couldn't come on again, what can I do. When I push the button to start the computer there is no response as in dead , I then unplug unit from wall and give it 30 sec with no electricity off the wall plug , when I reconnect to the house power, and push the power button to power up the unit, all I get is the light on the tower stays on for 1 second, and the exhaust fan on the back spins also that long, and it all goes dead, any attempt to push the button again to power up comes to no avail.

My layman's knowledge tends to indicate that the problem is with the PSU and not with the mobo, my predicament is without detaching the PSU unit, how can I test it using a dual prong volt meter, in an attempt to see if it produces any power whatsoever. Also just prior to this, previous night I had a couldn't load xpcom through my Firefox browser, could this also be some kind of an indicator? For the last few days, after 3 hours on the laptop the cursor from my wired mouse disappeared from screen, screen in effect frozen and so the only way to power off the computer was using the power button.

At the time I had about 18 - 22 minimized Windows. The bottom of laptop is hot - The laptop has not been cleaned since I've owned it I bought it refurbished which is about 6 years now. Is it possible that the dust inside computer is causing laptop to overheat. The disappearing cursor is happening with increasing frequency i.

Is this an indication my motherboard is fried? The next day, the 2nd time my cursor disappeared the internet signal was still on, as the last few times. Hello, I recently bought a CPU that my motherboard accepts, I transferred this motherboard from another tower wasn't working but it did at one point work.

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I hooked everything up, my computer CPU fan, and other fans start up, however it's not posting, and I was reading this article to weed out to see if it's something from my end I'm messing up on Was this helpful? Since 'upgrading', I had found that my PC does not work. When I power it on- at times it gives of 4 beeps - which I researched is a memory problem.

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However after removing some memory sticks, inserting old ones it either gives a different beep noise still 4 beeps but they sound different when I start up my PC or sometimes no beeps at all but still shuts down. I concluded my RAM are fine and so are the memory slots. Checked all cables, they are plugged in properly and in the right place. Reset the CMOS, taken out the button cell battery then reinserted after a few minutes.

Put back in my old CPU, however the problem is still there. I have ran out of ideas, and money, as I have bought new PSU thinking it was a power failure as it kept turning off. I don't know if this indicates that there is a problem with the mobo or if this light just shows up to say it is on.

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I am at the end of my tether, please can you advise on what I should do next Was this helpful? My HP Pavillion sleekbook bdw was working fine yesterday but when I tried to power it on today, it would not do anything. I have tested the battery, the DC and AC adapter and all are working.

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The computer shows to be getting power to it when it is plugged in It will not power up with the battery attached either. The computer is only a year old and up till now I have had no problems with it. I wasn't sure if the motherboard went out in it or if something wasn't getting enough power to it in order for the computer to come on Was this helpful?

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Hello and thanks for taking my call: I installed new HDD, then installed new OS, all was working well, then I went to update my OS and then the PC would not boot, I went into diagnostics and it came up with an error: and Tried to boot in safe mode but then it comes up with some partition errors list. Also tried to install XP disc again and run recovery but its asking for a password which I never set, just stumped at the moment. After clicking on the power button, the SMPS fan is moving for only 1 second, then the fan stops. Also checked the RAM, its fine.

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Please let me know the solution for this, what would be the solution to resolve this issue. Power supply is there but the machine is not booting. Green Led on mobo is on when the power cable is plugged in a wall socket, nothing else happens when the power button is pressed, no fans spinning, no beep sounds.. PC will not turn on at all. New PSUs have been used to no avail. Removed the mobo battery and put it back in. I think it was caused by: I think it was a power surge that burnt the old PSU and possibly the mobo as well, but the green led lights up after trying the new PSU.

Laptop will only turn on fan at boot.

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No screen, nothing. This command should show you the manufacturer, product version, serial number and version of your motherboard. If you want the greatest gaming motherboards available right now, check out our best picks in this article.