How to find the color of your car

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For example, there are online resources that help vehicle owners know the different pieces of information related to their car. Using their database, these online resources can provide vehicle owners with more than car color codes. They can also supply information about other components of the car. To do this, they will need to know the VIN of the car. They can then use this to search for the specific information that you need. If you call the vehicle manufacturer or the car dealership, they will also ask you for the vehicle identification number.

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This will help them in their paint code lookup that is specific to your car. So, where do you locate the VIN in your car?

In some cases, the VIN is on the door post of the driver side. If you do not see the VIN in these places, you can also check it from the following sources.

Note on older vehicles

Keep in mind that the VIN is a series of numbers and capital letters for a total of 17 characters. If your car was manufactured before , it may only contain up to 11 characters or less than If you see VIN with less than 17 characters, keep in mind that you may not obtain the paint code by VIN that you need.

How to Find My Paint Code by Brand

Performing a paint code lookup is easy. You can then use this information to determine the exact color code of your vehicle.

Car Paint Code - Auto Paint Codes

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Consider this before repainting your car

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